Let’s Get Comfy with Ruskovilla !

Cause life is a playground for the little explorers and a jungle for the big adventurers, that was important for Ruskovilla family to equip them with the best garments  !
 Ruskovilla is a family owned company established in 1981 which is still to this day based in the beautiful countryside of Artjärvi, Finland.

Have you heard about the climate in Finland ? Do you know that the winter lasts from 3 to 7 months.. the days are super short and the nights super long .. And this is the country of polar bears and elks …So who else than a finish company could have made the finest product to face the roughness of cold winters…

I must say in regard to this crazy cold winter that we have now in Geneva , we were thrilled to discover this awesome brand now available in Geneva, Switzerland.
Ruskovilla is a pioneer of environmentally friendly textile. This brand is growing all over the world and this is the realization that we all have to make wiser choices in our everyday lives .

The garments are exclusively made from natural and organic fibers which make them extremely soft, comfortable, breatheable and a healthy option for all, especially newborn babies and children.

They have tried and approved it …

“I have been using Ruskovilla undergarments because of their unique softness and thermal insulation while hiking, climbing, skydiving and base jumping since 2003. I highly recommend them to everyone. My son loves them as well. I am positive once you try them, you will love them too.”

–Joni Kirtola, engineer, adventurer and dad

“I have over ten years experience of using Merino wool and Silk wool underwear and wool socks in all kind of activities as well as daily life. These products are far the best of anything else I have ever tried. I do strongly recommend to you, if you want to wear something better in everyday work and activities.”

–Taito Heiskanen, entrepreneur 



  • Non-itchy organic merino wool, luxuriously soft pure silk, comfy organic cotton and the thin and comfy mix of 30% silk and 70% wool which is our BESTSELLER, are the base of our amazing retro collection
  • All of our materials are certified according to the highest global standards and no harmful chemicals have been used, also no synthetic materials are used in our textiles
  • Our baby collection is uncoloured and unbleached and none of our garments contain non-felting treatments or moth repellants.

Be the first to adopt to Ruskovilla lifestyle!

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