LivinGeneva : A Blog of life in Geneva by a Mexican  Girl.

We are super happy to launch our new  fashion section on the site called : Les Interviews Mode .

And we are delighted to start this section with the very cool Diana from LiveInGeneva .

Diana was born and raised in Mexico and  has hit Geneva from more than 4 years now. She runs the best blog to gets tips on Geneva lifestyle.

She always looking trendy smiley & glamorous .. so we were eager to have her insight on fashion and to get her tips and tricks !

Leïla & Pauline :

Hey Diana , let’s start !

1. If you would have to choose 5 clothes from your wardrobe … What would they be ? 5 only not more 🙂

Diana : I am always down for qualitative basics with a hint of folly..

– So first, my Sandro Blazer in a super soft material is cool in a casual way with jeans or super chic on a glam’ dress.  Meaning you can wear it from office to afterwork ! A must then..

– Must- Have n°2 : black pumps from Sergio Rossi the italian maestro of timeless shoes, varnish black and pointy… effortless chic! – Mush-have n°3 : The one and only Trapeze bag from Celine in beige an black!

celine-sac-trapeze–  I love jewels : I am a fan of My Josephina , a young designer to be followed who design glamorous and colorful  jewels.

– And last but not least .. A litlle black dress, every sylished girl knows that it’s an unavoidable must of a proper wardrobe.little-black-dress







My favorite is one from Massimo Dutti ..I am wearing it with flat or heels from morning seriousness to evening fun times.


Diana’s style in colors :

– Black and  Drak green  for winter

-Camel in Autumn

– White in Summer and colorful prints in Spring

She knows perfectly what fits her and that’s why she always rockin’

Leïla & Pauline : 2. Time to speak about cosmetics and make-up , pick 4 or 5 products in your bathroom  ?

Diana :

Leïla  & Pauline : 3. Now let’s speak about your favorite topic , please pick 5 destinations plus hotels,  you will alwaws keep a vibrant memory of…

Diana :

Leïla & Pauline : 4.  Would you name  5  « yummy » treats, for us :



Diana is a fan of fashion, her look  is the expression of her listeyle , she likes to be feminine and elegant but also fun and extravagant, and she loves to juggle with classic chic, moderns outfits and timeless vintage treasures…


Go have a look on her blog guys !  LivinGeneva and stay tuned for more fashion Interviews on our blog …


Shooting Spot : La Durée – Rue du Mont Blanc, 1 -1201 – Genève

Withe the courtesy of Sparkle Pr.

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