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We’re excited to release this fab’ interview with the sumptuous Sofia from Be soTrendy !

Sofia is one of a kind, a girl it’s a great pleasure to be surrounded by, she is super positive and spray really good vibes.

We had the best time discover Sofia’s surroundings !

Sofia is a newly wed’, extremely blossomed. She is super in love with her brand new hubby and she told us all about her dreamy Lebanese wedding in Geneva.

She met her husband nine years ago in Bordeaux, her native city. And since then they are living a Hollywood romantic comedy. Sofia is part of a large family and she is very close to all of them.

Half Lebanese half moroccan she has this oriental charming look, beautiful long  hair, almond wide eyes and a perfect figure that she maintain with a daily sporting routine composed of yoga, fitness and running.
She has a strong fashion background with an MBA in Luxury brand management, a position as training ambassador at Celine and a specialization with Middle East customers. She speaks fluent Arabic, English and French.
Her blog was created 1 and a half year ago, and she is now fully dedicated to it.
She is one of the successful Swiss fashion bloggers with 15000 followers on her favorite social network Instagram.
She daily shares her trendy looks, cosmetics crush, motivational quotes and beauty Diy often inspired from her oriental background ( check it out ! )

As all the professional digital influencer she is working with a great photographer Karin Bylund.
Sofia: Karin is the best ! I had a crush for this girl while she was my client, indeed she approached me for a bag campaign to be a model and stylist.
Pauline & Leïla: Hey Sofia !
From top to shoes, tell us what you are wearing today!
Sofia : I am wearing a top from Urban Outfitters with stars print from the last summer collection, a high wasted jeans (my favorite shape), Asos fishnet socks (a trendy little twist that makes the difference), my timeless and cherished Celine slippers and a Topshop black leather jacket.
To complete the outfit I like to wear a hat, it’s my way to stylize a look.
P& L: What are your favorite 5 items in your wardrobe ?
I am a huge fan of leather jackets , I have many and I am wearing them like… all the time!
They are timeless, rock and suitable with many styles.
I cannot choose one of them actually.. I just love them all !
-My high waisted jeans .. cause they reshape positively the figure, legs are longer and  they have a loose style that make the outfit ,at the same time, casual and stylish.
-My blazer Balmain … timeless and chic suitable for any occasion any time of the day.
My leather pants Current Elliott, I am definitely getting the red one soon.
-My oversized Celine shirt, very simple, extremely well cut, so « less is more ».
 –A little black dress cause it is essential. Mine is coming from ASOS …


P&L: Let’s talk beauty now, what are your 5 must-have ?

 Biologique Recherche – P50 lotion I use it like an exfoliating lotion to tighten pores and give radiance.

This is a very innovative skincare. The brand is distributed  at the Four Seasons spa – Hotel des Bergues

It is a bit pricy but definitely worth it.

It smells amazingly good, I am addicted to it, use it morning evening and even sometimes during afternoon ! It helps regenerating the skin and hydrated it .

-My primer Laura Mercier, that I apply before  foundation it give radiance and light.
-My two  essentials  to always look radiant and to hide any sign of tiredness  :
           – The Touche-Eclat to catch the light on my pics. I apply it on the corner of my lips, on the sides of the nose and on the chin.
My make up is always natural , I am trying to always show a good complexion, a touch of mascara and I apply a light lip pencil to complete the look if I have an event or diner out .
-I remove my daily make-up with Estée Lauder remover soap.
I can say I am a real beautysta , I love discovering new products and sharing my skills with my social network. I have worked with Manor for the « beauty days » as the official blogger on the event.
It was great to advise people and being made-up by professionals.


P&L: What would be your favorite spa/institut in Geneva or elsewhere ?


-Definitely the institut Fleur de Coton. I am currently testing the T-shape care a brand new and innovative concept against cellulite.

This  beauty center that I discovered while I was looking for place where to get pampered before my wedding has the most efficient machines in town and great technic for slimming program.

For instance the T-shape care offers three technologies in one session and the results are visible from the first session. Special mention for the staff so nice and helpful.

Address: Rue Adrien-Lachenal 26, 1207 Genève

My hairstylist Hamoud…  He is a real magician…And the only one who can make my hair wavy for more than one day. I have extremely straight hair ..

He also did my hair for my wedding , two different styles, daily one and for dinner ..

Hamoud made the most perfect bun in no time . I was amazed by his skills and it’s still the case. The Lebaneese touch in Geneva ❤


Address: Rue de la Tour-Maîtresse 12, 1204 Genève

P&L : What are your favorite destinations around the world ?

S: Easy peasy for the first one …

Rosewood Mayakoba at Playa del Carmen in Mexico !

Few words on this great spot : It is for people in search of the ultimate escape. This resort enclave sits along a mile‐long arc of white Caribbean sand, nestled just north of the picturesque waterfront town of Playa del Carmen. The resort is built to abide by the highest of eco-standards, offering indulgence with awareness, and has received the Rainforest Alliance Certification.


S: I have a fun anecdote that happened to me there …

We were having a great day , cycling around .. but I suddenly find out that I was riding on a really really special bicycle … 

you’ve probably heard about bicycles with fixed sprockets , I hadn’t at this time…

So when the time came to slow down, I figured out there is no way to stop this evil bike ! So two choices opened to me : Diving in the river inhabited by a lovely crocodile named Sofia …. (True story guys ) or the hedge which was actually a little more attractive compare to the crocodile Sofia . I choose to rush into the hedge and I finally close this unfortunate episode safe and sound.
The hotel W in Verbier : we have celebrated my husband’s birthday there recently.
The service was great ,it was as if we were alone in the hotel, they are doing their best to make your stay unique and peaceful.
The Setai in Miami, very central spot on Lincoln avenue , it was so  funny to stay in this super Asian ambiance in the middle of Miami, they have an amazing breakfast and the most crazy decor.
And of course, the hotel has a beautiful private beach.
 –Dar Rhislane in  Marrakech , it’s a very special place for me. My husband proposed there . It’s the most romantic oriental Riad in the Gueliz area. Flowers everywhere… and the decor is the perfect mix between moroccan traditional craft and modern atmosphere.

 The lovely plus : You will find a sweet pair of babouche in your room . 

P&L : About your husband’s proposal, would you share it with us ?
He proposed the evening of our arrival at Dar Ghislaine, it was absolutely unexpected. He did that on the private roof- terrace of the Riad , at sunset, on the sound of live Andalous music.. It was beyond perfect. He is very attentive to details and romantic, and his proposal was magical.
Le chateau de La Chèvre d’or in Eze – Cote d’Azur . An amazing hotel overlooking the beautiful view on the sea.
Plus the brunch is exquisite.
P&L: How about Geneva, advise us on the best spot to hit with …
P&L: Your girlfriends :
S: Alma for sure, finally a festive and trendy spot in Geneva with great food.
Address: Rue Henri-Blanvalet 6, 1207 Genève
Or The Baroush for its oriental atmosphere , I love arabic music and it’s cool to reconnect sometimes.
Address: Carrefour de Rive 1, 1207 Genève
P&L: With your man :
Definitely the Arabesque  – Hotel du president Wilson . Special signification for us it is  where we celebrated our wedding.
The chef Joe Moubayed is Lebanese and know how to mix flavor and mix typical lebaneese food with modern touch.
The food is amazing and we know the chef very well , so it is always a pleasure to spend an evening there.
 Address: Quai Wilson 47, 1211 Genève
P&L: With family :
Da Paolo for their Sicilian Penne
Address: Rue du Lac 3, 1207 Genève
P&L: Sofia, we are so grateful you made us the honor to share with us.
You are a lovely lady full of energy !
The next month will be very promising for you . A bright future on the digital market is ahead you. Correct ?
Yes ! I am super happy to announce that I will be part of the huge event Le Royaume du Web at Palexpo, I will be one of the 40 top bloggers.
The event will take place the next 6 and 7th of May.
I will get the chance to meet very great people and other influencers.
It’s a real achievement for me !
Thank you Sofia, we had a blast together!
Guys follow the beautiful Sofia on Social Networks. Info follows below:
 See you asap ! xoxo
Leïla & Pauline

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  1. Super article !
    J’apprécie beaucoup cette blogueuse tellement proche de ses followers !
    Je suis toujours ses conseils c’est une valeur sûre !


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