Hi Guys ! Welcome back on Les Interviews Mode!

We’re meeting today the gorgeous Alienor from the Swiss fashion blog

Talking about fashion is a real deal for Alienor ,her lifestyle is all about sharing her style and her definition of a daily trendy look.

She thinks fashion as an expression of identity, she is dealing with the trends very religiously and her style is always on point.

Alienor has been born and raised in Geneva .

She studied marketing at the prestigious school Em Lyon and went to China to pursue her Luxury  brand Master over there.

Then she started her fashion career off to a flying start and worked with many great Houses.

She began  in Paris with ERES department marketing, continued with Christian Dior as buying assistant and went back to Geneva to join Ralph Lauren and Piaget afterwards as Pr manager.

She is now fully devote to her blog where she shares her fashion must-have and beauty tips.

The blog has been released in 2013 … Alienor is a globe trotter and a trend setter …

Take notes guys, she will reveal the hot spots and brands!

P&L : Hi Alienor ! Thank you for your time ! Tell us about your outfit of the day, you look stunning !

A: Outfit of the day … Topshop dress and Isabel marant boots (click the pics to shop the look)

P&L: Now would you please choose for us 5 favorite items in your huge wardrobe … ?

   – My perfecto Maje , it’s a classic and timeless item. It gives a rock twist on all my outfits..

   – My Black  and white dress Maje , timeless and chic !

   – Chanel ballerinas cause they are matching every style from the grungy jeans to to the baby doll short dress … it gives a nice romantic twist to my outfits !

   –Top shop destroyed tee that I own in so many colors, I love it for its super soft cotton and its grungy style.

   -My Kelly bag from Hermès  … that I got for my 30′ birthday .. I am sure I don’t need to comment on this one , a Kelly bag is a fashion statement !

P&L : What is your favorite Store in Geneva ?

   -I love Avant-Garde, they have super edgy brands , very difficult to find elsewhere in Geneva.

Address : Rue Verdaine,13 – 1204 Genève

Brands : Raquel Allegra, R13 jeans, bijoux Pamela Love etc…

   – Le Labo : For their vintage selection and the pop ups they often organize.

Address : Rue Henri-Blanvalet, 14 – 1207 Genève

   –Noa : For the hype brands and the pinky girly atmosphere!

Address : Rue du Vieux Collège,10 Bis – 1204 Genève

   –L’Adresse : Cause it’s an institution in Geneva, and it’s also cool to get lunch on their lovely terrace after shopping !

Address : Rue du 31 Décembre , 31 – 1207 Genève

P& L : And now, please name your 5 cosmetics treats …

   –Cream Good Genes treatment, bought in London but findable on Net a Porter  or Sephora as well.

   –Crème OSKIA (I found the brand in London as well) – I use it to prevent first wrinkles…

   –Clarins, baume beauté éclair

   –Chanel, eau de teint léger fluide belle mine

   -The brand Oribe for my hair to be found in Bongenie or le bal des createurs

I love finding new, innovative products ..

My beauty routine is changing according season and I like to test new daily skin care.. My skin doesn’t get too used to one and only product and thus the benefits lasts in time …

Tips : Try to always use free-sulfates shampoo

P&L : Let’s continue on body treat topic.. What is your favorite Spa/beauty salon etc. in Geneva ?

   –Beauty and smile for nail care …

Address : Rue de Carouge, 8 – 1205 Genève

   -For my eyebrows : Buicils

Adress : Rue de Cornavin 9 – 1201 Genève

   –Spa de l’hôtel des Bergues – Four seasons

Alienor is one of these girls who always looks perfect from nails to eyebrows , no details are left to chance …

P&L: What are your top 5 destinations around the world?

   –L’hôtel des Trois Couronnes  –  Vevey

   –L’Alpina – Gstaad

   –The Ultima – Gstaad as well, it’s a boutique hotel, a very romantic one …

   –La Réserve – Paris

   –One hotel – South Beach, Miami  for its crazy cool rooftop …

   –The Meridien in Bora Bora…

P&L: And now , Where would you go out in Geneva with …

  1.Your girlfriends : for a festive girls night out

   – Paku paku  – Rue Vautier, 43 – 1227 Carouge

   –Alma in Eaux vives – Rue Henri-Blanvalet, 6 – 1207 Genève

 2.The one :

   –Il Mirtillo – Route de Veyrier , 130 – 1234 Vessy – Genève

 3.Family :

   –Izumi – Quai des Bergues, 33 – 1201 Genève

P&L: You have a lovely interior ! Tell us about the 5 items that make the best of your decoration…

   -Lampe Kartell, boutique Preziosa

Adress : Grand Rue, 17 – 1204 Genève

   -Bougie Mizensir (Swiss brand)

   –Zara Home , especially for their household linen…

   –Ralph Lauren Home, I love their bath linen …

P&L: Cool! you are a well-connected blogger and we are sure  that you are always browsing for new cool websites and new online brands , would you tell us about your last special favorites ?

-For the jewels , my last crush was for the brand : Leivanksh (Leila)

-I also found this new website which supports fashion designers with strong ethics,  it’s a personal lifestyle boutique for women and kids and they also have accessories.

Name : Idun Loor


Last reco : Run to discover the brand Fanny Polletti, a very couture and promising designer. Follow her Instagram account : Fannypolettiofficial

Thanks a million Alienor ! This was so good to get to discover with you the hot spots in town !
I am sure our readers will be thrilled.
People! Follow the sweet Alienor on social networks (infos on below) if it’s not done already !
She is the trendiest and the cutest Swiss fashionista 🙂

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